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Visit the Ancient City of Petra


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This post is going to tell you about the ancient city of Petra.  This is the Marah Headquarters in Relentless Rebels.

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Visit the Ancient City of Petra in Relentless Rebels

In Relentless Rebels Team Seven travels to the ancient city of Petra. I’d love to tell you a little about this fascinating city and why I chose to put it in Relentless Rebels.

Petra dates back to the 4th century B.C. It’s a part of Jordan and about 150 miles south of Jerusalem. It’s surrounded by deserts and mountains and called the Rose City because of the color of its stone.

An Arab Bedouin tribe originally established Petra as a trading post but many cultures lived in Petra through the centuries.

Each culture left its mark on the city.

Petra boasts large ornate tombs made by pagans and Christian churches built by the Byzantines.

The Romans built the Petra Roman Road with ornate gates marking the entry to the city. By the 8th Century A.D. Petra had been largely abandoned.

Team Seven Tuesday Petra

In 1812, the city was discovered by Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. He wrote about the ruins of the great city and the western world got interested. Archaeologists and scholars started excavating and surveying Petra. In the early 2000s the site was named one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World” which started waves of tourism.

What role does Petra play in Relentless Rebels?

Petra is the headquarters for Marah, the covert organization helping Councilor Stone fight the corrupt government.

I chose Petra because I wanted a spot in the middle east near Israel since many of the Marah members are Israelis. I also wanted a place that was mysterious and beautiful.

Petra fit the bill. Buildings are actually carved into the rose colored mountainous stones.

The contrast of ancient beauty combined with the high tech Marah headquarters brings a uniqueness to Relentless Rebels. It also provides beautiful, romantic places for Jordan and her boyfriend, Matthew, to explore.

I hope you will come visit Petra with me and Team Seven through the pages of Relentless Rebels!

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