Meet Sharon René

I live in Tennessee, but I grew up in Texas and Louisiana. My family moved a lot when I was a kid. Three schools in three states in sixth grade. Not easy!

We ended up in a small town where the kids had known each other since kindergarten. As the “new girl” I got left out of everything. I didn’t go to the prom and was never a cheerleader. My teenage years were pretty lonely, but thankfully I had great parents and a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. It wasn’t easy and I shed a lot of tears, but Jesus gave me the strength to fight peer pressure and avoid drugs and alcohol.

High school was tough. But not as tough as it is for the kids in my Divine Destiny YA series. You can read more about them on the Team 7 page. The characters in my YA series are a group of typical teens (Team 7) forced to overcome extraordinary obstacles. Just like the kids in my book, I believe we’re all here “for such a time as this.” God has a special plan for each one of us.

After college, I went on to work in television news broadcasting, the hotel business, and corporate America. As an adult, I’ve lived out many of my dreams.

I’ve channeled my emotions and experiences into books for children and young adults as well as writing short stories and blog posts. God is good about working things out! He’s given me the opportunity to write many stories for the Splickety flash fiction magazine, and I’ve published a book of flash fiction entitled A Flash of Romance. Please check out my book of short stories for elementary age children. It’s called A Mixed Bag of God’s Grace.

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