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Faith Friday – Trusting God at the Red Sea

Welcome to Faith Friday.  I’m so glad you’re here.

Today I’m going to share a devotion I wrote several years ago about trusting God.

Imagine that you are standing at the Red Sea with Moses and the Israelites. The Egyptian army is getting closer and closer . . .


Why did God lead the Israelites to the Red Sea during their escape from Egypt?

Not a good strategic plan.

Did God forget the sea was there? Did it take Him by surprise?

Of course not.

He brought His people to a place where they would have only one choice.


This problem was so big only God could handle it. They couldn’t run from this problem. They were trapped.

God didn’t say “Take off, scatter through the desert. Good luck.”

God knew there was only one choice for these people.


They had to walk through the problem. And He provided the way.

What about you and me?

Sometimes it feels like God is leading us in the wrong direction. He’s forgotten there is a Red Sea out there with our name on it and it wants to trap us.

They take on different names.

  • Stress,
  • fear,
  • workaholic,
  • perfectionism,
  • addict,
  • jealousy,
  • loneliness,
  • depression and many other things.

I’ve always struggled with fear, doubt, depression and the Lord led me to the writing world. A world where I have little control, face rejections, and feel like giving up time and time again.

What was God thinking bringing me to this particular Red Sea?

Perhaps He thought I could share my fears and depressions with others through the written words. He might believe my words can entertain and bring happiness to others and to myself.

Like the Israelites, I have the option to run from the Red Sea. But I can’t. I have to walk through it.


He takes my hand, and He takes the first step. We splash into the water and the fear overwhelms me.

I want to yell, “Forget this Lord, I’m not ready.”

But He looks at me and I see strength in His eyes and confidence on His face. So, I follow. I cringe when the waves hit my face and cough when I choke in the salty sea, but I don’t let go of His hand.

He can walk on water, and we can too if we walk with HIM.

Join me and thousands of Israelites and take God’s hand and walk through your unique Red Sea.


I pray this devotion spoke to you in some way.

Please comment and let me know what you think.  See you next “Faith Friday.”

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  1. A

    I struggle with depression and even suicidal thoughts at times, but I do trust that God will show me the way out! I know healing is going to take time, but as long as I can hold on to the fact that God is using this for my good, I know it’s going to be okay.

    1. sharonrene21

      Thank you for sharing. I have struggled with depression all of my life. It’s not easy but with God’s help and the help of friends, family, doctors and others we can all make it through to the other side.

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