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The Major Themes of Hesitant Heroes and Relentless Rebels

Hi y’all.  My name is Jordan and I’m a member of Team Seven.

Did you know that themes have been woven into Hesitant Heroes and Relentless Rebels?

Pretty cool, huh?

Today’s post will tell you about the themes in the two books.


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What are the major themes of Hesitant Heroes and Relentless Rebels?

The majority of stories and novels have some type of theme running through their pages. It may not be a deep, philosophical theme but there is a reason the author wrote this story.

Something the author needed to share with the readers.

There is a definite theme in both Hesitant Heroes and the sequel Relentless Rebels. I’d like to share that with you.

The biblical story of Queen Esther is the major theme of Hesitant Heroes.

I’ve always loved this story and the verse that reads “for such a time as this.” I kept this theme in mind as I wrote Hesitant Heroes.

The main character, Jordan Scott, also loves the story of Esther. As she and Team Seven find themselves in the middle of political chaos Jordan realizes that God is using her and her friends “for such a time as this.”

I hope that the reader will understand that God wants to use all of us for His glory.

He has placed each one of us in a special place for such a time as this.

Teamwork is the secondary theme in Hesitant Heroes.

Team Seven is composed of high school students from around the planet. Each one has certain skills and talents. For example, Jordan is a computer whiz, Matthew is a top athlete and Malese is a martial arts champ.

As the book develops and the team must rescue kidnapped students and stop an assassination everyone’s skills are valuable. The mission could not be accomplished by one or two people.

It takes a team with unique God given talents.

Relentless Rebels continues both of these themes, but new themes emerge.

As the conflict and sorrow deepen Jordan has a crisis of faith. She’s always been close to God but suddenly she feels like He’s abandoned her.

Why is God allowing Team Seven to experience trauma and loss?

Hasn’t everyone asked this question? Who hasn’t struggled with their faith?

Jordan must also deal with a desire for revenge against their enemy, River Wallis.

She knows vengeance belongs to God and her desire for revenge is wrong, but she can’t stop her hatred for River.

The over arching theme of Relentless Rebels is probably the oldest theme in the book. Good vs. evil.

Jordan and Team Seven represent the good and River Wallis is pure evil.

Think about almost every dramatic movie you’ve seen or book you’ve read – they can all be drilled down to good vs. evil.

In Relentless Rebels the contrast between good and evil is very clear and leads to the ultimate show down at an old Bavarian castle.

Jordan faces River and the stakes are high.

Will Jordan forget her Christianity and give in to her desire for revenge or will she cower like a little girl and let River continue to rule the world?

Grab a copy of Relentless Rebels and find out.

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