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Team Seven Tuesday – What You Need to Know about Hesitant Heroes

Hi, guys.  This is Hannie Jacobson of Team Seven.

You’ve probably heard that Relentless Rebels is available on Amazon now.  This is the continuing story of Team Seven’s adventures.

We couldn’t get enough danger and romance the first time around so we’re doing it again.


Even though Relentless Rebels is a sequel you can read it first. You shouldn’t have any trouble catching on.

Just to help you out I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things you should know about Hesitant Heroes before reading Relentless Rebels.


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How easy is that?

The winner will be notified on April 1 and it won’t be a joke.


Top 10 Things to Know if You are New to the Divine Destiny Trilogy

1. The Global Collective Council controls the planet. They are powerful and practically worshiped by their followers.

2. Hunter Wallis and his sister River Wallis are the leaders of the Global Collective Council.

3. Sierra Stone is a member of the Global Council. She is trying to make the government fair for all of the world’s citizens.

4. The main character, Jordan Scott, is from Old Memphis. She attends a boarding school called Global Collective University (GCU) with teens from all over the planet.

5. Jordan and her housemates are called Team Seven. Each member of the team has a special skill or talent such as ballet, martial arts, healing, and weightlifting.

6. The government kidnaps Christian students to use them in a plot to assassinate Councilor Sierra Stone. Team Seven must rescue the students and stop the assassination.

7. Team Seven travels to Old Venezuela and collaborates with a rebel leader, Hector Alvarado, to rescue the missing students and stop the assassination.

8. After accomplishing their mission Team Seven becomes wanted fugitives.

9. Team Seven escapes to the mountains of Old Venezuela and hides at Hector Alvarado’s rebel camp.

10. River Wallis, vice-chair of the Global Collective Council, vows to locate Team Seven and kill them.


Read Hesitant Heroes first if you can but if not this list will let you know the most important things.

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