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Monday Whispers of Faith – Will You Fight Goliath?

Hello, y’all.  Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve had some website issues and Mom has had bronchitis and a UTI.  Finally getting a chance to post.


Today I’m going to take a quick break from the spiritual warfare posts and share this one about David and Goliath.

Just about everyone has heard the story of David and Goliath.

If you want to refresh your memory the story is found in I Samuel 17.

David was a teenage shepherd – youngest boy in his family.

When he visited his brothers in the army he was confronted by a giant named Goliath.

For days the giant had challenged Israel’s army to send a champion to fight him.  He yelled and cursed and said terrible things about the God of Israel.

None of the soldiers would volunteer to fight Goliath.  Everyone was afraid – even King Saul.

David volunteered to fight the giant!

It occurred to me recently that God didn’t need David to fight Goliath.  God is all-powerful and He could have snapped his fingers and made Goliath drop dead.

So why did God involve David?


God did not need David to fight Goliath – David needed David to fight Goliath.


The same truth applies to our lives today. Our world is full of Goliaths.

Fear, depression, mental issues, addiction, jealousy, unforgiveness.


You name it – the list could go on forever.


We all have some type of Goliath in our lives.

I know I do.


I really wish God would make all of my giants disappear.  I know He has the power but just like with David, He wants me to help in the fight.

If you’ve read much about David in the Bible then you know he had a hard life.  Yes, he became king of Israel but he spent many years running for his life.  Saul, the current king, wanted to kill David so he could never take the throne.


Thankfully for David God had other plans.


But David had to be strong and trust God through a lot of difficult times.  It took faith to keep believing in God when the world was telling him a different story.

Life on the run, hardship, and fights made David a man of faith.  How else could he have written so many wonderful spirit-filled Psalms?


I assume Goliath was his first big challenge.  He passed that one so God kept handing out more challenges and more rewards.


That’s what brought me to the conclusion that David had to fight Goliath. He had to stand there and face the giant that was tormenting all of Israel.  He had to feel the hot desert wind on his face and squint into the sun to see the rock-hard face of the enemy.

No standing back in the shadows and letting God do all the work.


Just like you and me.  We have to face our problems, struggle with our addictions and stare the enemy in the face.  We must cling to the God of Israel and trust that He will provide the victory – but WE have to show up


We have to face the giant and trust that God will not let us down.


It worked for David and it will work for you and me too.


I’d love to hear your thoughts about David and Goliath.  Please comment below.

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