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Team Seven Tuesday – Let’s Talk Discipline

Hi there. My name is Malese. I’m the martial arts champ in Hesitant Heroes and today I want to talk about discipline.


Discipline. What is it?


Now don’t freak out. 

I’m not talking about the kind of discipline that involves staying after school or being grounded by your parents.

I’m talking about Personal Discipline.


Discipline will shape your life.

I didn’t learn martial arts overnight.  I’ve spent many years studying and practicing.

Laurel Connor, another member of Team Seven is a ballerina.  She has spent endless hours practicing her craft.


The truth is if you want to excel at something you must invest a lot of time and practice into it. You have to be disciplined.


I live in 2062 and you live in 2022 but we’re not that different.


Discipline hasn’t changed at all.

I imagine that many of you participate in sports or play an instrument.

If you’ve ever lived with someone learning to play an instrument you know that practice can be a difficult and painful thing.

Painful for the other people living in the house.

Whether you play football, basketball, soccer or tennis – practice makes perfect.


If you just show up, play with the ball, and fool around you will soon be left behind.

On a team, it’s very important that every member practice discipline.

This applies to Team Seven too.


Even though we weren’t playing games we all had a position to play, and we couldn’t afford to fumble.


Jordan tells me that the Bible encourages people to practice discipline. God knows that a person will have a better and happier life if they develop discipline.

Thanks for joining me today.  Don’t forget to stop back by next Tuesday and find out which team member is here to visit with you.

Comment below and let me know what you think about DISCIPLINE.

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  1. Maglor F

    This was a much-needed reminder! The pandemic has been an excuse for my discipline to become so weak, but I remember in the past, I used to practice hours and hours of music (I played the cello and the piano). Even when my fingers blistered, I still soldiered on and it paid off. It’s kind of nostalgic thinking about it now, but discipline is good, for sure!

    1. sharonrene21

      Glad you enjoyed the post. I am the worst about becoming undisciplined if I let myself. I think we all are. Thanks for commenting.

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