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Team Seven Tuesday – Responsibility – Yay or Nay!


Hi guys, My name is Matthew Taylor.

I’m the designated super jock on Team Seven in Hesitant Heroes.

I guess, you’d call me the “responsible one.”


What about you? Are you carefree and doing your own thing, or are you responsible?

If you’re the oldest sibling in your family, you might be a lot like me.


My mother died when I was twelve and my dad retreated to an alcohol bottle.

So, I was the only one around to take care of my two younger sisters.

This made me grow up real fast.

Grief and responsibility do that to a person.  Make them grow up fast!


I certainly don’t recommend this formula but it’s the way God chose to mold me into a responsible kid.


My mother taught me about God when I was little. She told me I should always pray and trust the Heavenly Father to lead me on.

So that’s what I’ve tried to do.

Has it been easy???


Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to be the responsible one.  I wish I could be the class clown or the reckless playboy like another member of Team Seven.  You’ll be hearing from him soon.


But if I did run out on everyone – I wouldn’t be me.

Responsible Matthew is the guy God wants me to be so that’s okay, I guess.


What about you?  Are you the responsible one?

Do you ever feel weighed down with responsibility?

Please comment below.


BTW, I’m supposed to announce the winner of an autographed copy of Hesitant Heroes.

It’s Tracy Crump!

Congratulations Tracy!




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