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Are you where you belong “for such a time as this?”

What would a teen from 2062 have in common with today’s teen?

 Thanks for stopping by Team Seven Tuesday where we are going to answer that question.

If you’ve read Hesitant Heroes you know that Jordan Scott and her friends attend an unusual high school in the Alps (GCU) in 2062. They are placed on a team called Team Seven. 

Although their lives are more exciting than the average teen – rescuing kidnapped friends and stopping an assassination – they are still just teenagers at heart. They have to deal with all the fears, worries and desires as today’s teen.

 “For such a time as this” is the theme that runs through Hesitant Heroes.

I believe that God has placed every one of us in a certain place at a certain time for a certain mission.

What about you? Do you believe you’re in the place and time God prepared for you?

Perhaps you hate your school?  Are you depressed because you didn’t get accepted to your first pick for college?
Maybe you’re disgusted because no matter how hard you try you can’t make the
basketball team? 

At times like this it’s hard to believe that God has put us in a certain place “for such a time as this.”

God’s plans are not our plans. Sometimes God doesn’t make sense to the human brain.

I imagine Queen Esther was confused too. She was an orphan being raised by her cousin in a foreign country.  She lived in a pagan culture and was
married to a pagan king. (Not great husband material). 

This was not the life a good Jewish girl would have chosen, but it was the life God destined her to live.  God knew the day would come for Esther to save her people and she had to be in the palace to do it.

God knows your destiny too!

You may not become a queen and save thousands of people, but you can make a difference in your friends’ lives. You’re very important to your parents and siblings.

God has placed you just where He wants you to be “for such a time as this.”

Please join me next Tuesday for another look at the teens from Team Seven and the teens today.

 What do you think about the concept of “for such a time as this?” 

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