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Do You Want to be Healed?


We all have things that bother us. We all need to be healed.

Happy Faith Friday, y’all!

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I have always been drawn to the story about Jesus healing the crippled man at the pool of Bethesda.

In John 5:1-9 Jesus goes to the pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem.

Sick and crippled people stayed close to this pool because an angel went down to the pool at times and stirred up the water.  The first person to step in the water was healed.


Jesus encountered a man who had been crippled for thirty-eight years.  We don’t know how many years he’d been at the pool, but he never managed to get into the water first.

He couldn’t walk and people who could walk beat him into the water.

Jesus asked him a strange question.  “Do you want to be made well.”

It seemed pretty obvious that the man wanted to be healed.  That was why he was hanging around the pool.

I understand Jesus’ question though.

We all have our own weaknesses and flaws.  These become a part of us.

Sometimes we’re so used to living with these problems (emotional, physical or mental) that we don’t really want to be healed.  We would be losing part of our identity.

The man tells Jesus that he wants to be healed but there is no one to help him get in the water.

Of course, Jesus heals the man easily.

I recently saw an episode to The Chosen where they reenacted this incident.  This scene really spoke to me.

The man was looking at the pool and believing that only the pool could heal him when he was in the presence of Almighty God.

In this episode, Jesus tells the man that he doesn’t need the pool.  He only needs Him (Jesus).

That convicted me. I am so guilty of thinking that I need to add to God’s work.


I take my problems and lay them at the foot of the cross confident that God can handle it all. 

For a few minutes.

Then I start looking around for what I can do next.

Certainly, God can’t handle my problems without my assistance.


Have you ever been there?


Confess if you have.  I hate to think I’m the only mixed-up person.

I now try to remind myself that I don’t need anything or anyone else (not even me) to handle my problems.

I must stop looking around and put all my trust and faith in Jesus.

It’s a day-by-day process, but I’m getting there.

What about you?

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