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Team Seven Tuesday – I’m a Wise Cracking Flirt. What’s Your Label?

Hello, this is Rafael from Team Seven in Hesitant Heroes.  Welcome to Team Seven Tuesday!

Have you ever noticed that people wear labels?

Hidden Labels.

Teens especially wear labels.

  • Class clown
  • Flirt
  • Ditz
  • Tough girl
  • Super jock

Just to name a few.

Can you relate?  I can.

All my life I’ve hid behind my wit and flirty behavior.

It’s not my fault that girls find me irresistible.

But I’m getting off the subject.


The point is that we don’t have to hide behind labels.

God created each one of us to be a unique individual.


For example, I’ll never be a super mountain climbing jock like Matthew. I wouldn’t want to be.

I like cracking jokes and I really like flirting, but I don’t have to be chained to that behavior.

I actually have a deep, emotional side. I’m still grieving over the death of my mother. I’m struggling to have a real relationship with Hannie.

It’s not wrong to reveal your feelings. It’s not wrong to be the real you.

Not in 2062 or 2022.

Be brave enough to let your real light shine.

That doesn’t sound like something the tough Rafael Alvardo would say, does it?

That’s what I mean.

As God to lead you through life and to mold you into the person He wants you to be.

We can’t go wrong if we’re following Him.


Quick announcement: The winner of an autographed copy of Hesitant Heroes and A Mixed Bag of God’s Grace is:


Congratulations, Lily!!!

Comment below and let me know what labels you wear or have worn in the past.


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