Meet Team 7


The main characters in my Divine Destiny series are a group of teens attending Global Collective University, a high school for talented teenagers from around the planet. They are placed on a team called Team Seven.



Sixteen-year-old Christian computer geek from North American Collective. Struggles with low self-confidence and fear. Believes in God but lacks strong faith.

Famous quotes:

“I’ve seen that list, and seeing that list is what got Paul in trouble.”

“I’m not a secret agent, and I don’t want to be.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down.”



Seventeen-year-old Christian jock from the North American Collective. Father is an alcoholic, mother died when he was twelve. He helped raise two younger sisters. Overprotective nature. Calm personality, growing faith in God.

Known for saying:

“I would tear GCU apart searching for you.”

“Jordan, I’ve got this.”

“Stay calm.”



Sixteen-year-old Israeli, skilled in war. As a child she saw her entire family killed. Raised by former soldiers and spies. Tough exterior, afraid of being hurt again. Places her faith in her own skills and abilities.

Known to say:

“My word, Jordan. You’re not responsible for everything that happens on this planet.”

 “Jordan, you’re the Queen Esther of Team Seven.”

“You are certifiably loco.”  “I want to drown you.”   (when talking to Rafael)



Seventeen-year-old, sharp-shooter from the Latin Collective. His brother is a rebel freedom fighter in the mountains of Venezuela. Rafael is witty, flirty and a clown. He hides his grief over his mother’s death and his true emotions.

Common phrases:


“Mi tigresa.” (when talking about Hannie)

“Come on, baby, let’s go play Tarzan and Jane.”

“Do you want to mud wrestle?”



Seventeen-year-old ballerina from the European Collective. Laurel is beautiful due to her many plastic surgeries. She lacks self-confidence and tries to please her leaders, boyfriend and family.



Eighteen-year-old scientist from European Collective. He comes from a wealthy, powerful family. Strong supporter of the Global Collective Council. Dawson is eager to prove his worth to his father. Laurel Connor is his obsession and the only person he truly loves.



Fifteen-year-old weightlifting champion from the Baltic Collective. Victor was raised in an orphanage, and told that religion was nonsense, but he has felt God calling him from childhood.



Fifteen-year-old Christian, animal tamer and healer from the African Collective. Timberlyn is quiet, gentle and kind. Animals are drawn to her. She comes from a collective where there is a lot of Christian persecution, but Timberlyn’s faith is strong.



Fifteen-year-old karate champ from the Pacific Collective. She and her brother were raised by the government to become karate champs. Malese does not believe in God, but she enjoys learning about religion. She is a seeker.




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